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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Executive Assistant for Your Business

Due to a number of factors—including rising labor costs, growing inflation, and a looming recession—businesses are implementing stricter cost-cutting measures. These include downsizing offices, reducing staff, streamlining supply chains, and digitizing business processes.

Many businesses are realizing immense savings and boosting their profitability by outsourcing specific job roles and tasks to highly experienced virtual executive assistants.

Virtual executive assistants are skilled professionals who provide administrative, creative, and technical support to their clients remotely. 

Aside from performing standard administrative tasks, the latest breed of virtual executive assistants have unique areas of expertise (e.g. social media management, project management, and remote family assistance). 

In this article, we’ll list down the top four business benefits of outsourcing tasks to Virtual Executive Assistants from Sigrid. We’ll also note down the top industries and professions that would benefit from the expertise of these professionals.

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4 Business Benefits of Outsourcing Tasks to a Sigrid Virtual Executive Assistant 

Top Industries and Professions that Would Benefit from Virtual Executive Assistants 

Hit Your Business Goals with the Help of a Dedicated Sigrid Virtual Assistant

4 Business Benefits of Outsourcing Tasks to a Sigrid Virtual Executive Assistant

1. Improved cost savings

Outsourcing specific job roles and tasks to virtual executive assistants allows business owners to acquire support from qualified personnel. Major cost-savings are realized since business owners won’t have to shoulder the salary and overhead costs associated with hiring full-time, in-house staff. 

When you hire a remote VA, you’ll only be paying for the services they provide—whether that’s managing your work calendar, scheduling your meetings, or overseeing your team’s projects. 

You also won’t have to shoulder any of the statutory benefits associated with hiring full-time staff—including paid annual leaves, health insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance. 

Just as importantly, you won’t need to rent office space for your remote VA or supply them with office equipment, computers, and an internet allowance. Your freelance VA will cover all of these expenses, helping your business reinforce its cost savings and boost profitability.

2. Increased flexibility and scalability

Does your business need specialized skills and admin support to scale quickly? Vetting and hiring specialists will take up a lot of your time and you’ll have to manage your new employees. 

By outsourcing specific tasks and job roles to reputable virtual assistant services, like Sigrid, you’ll gain the support you need when you need it. This, in turn, will allow you to scale your business operations very rapidly. 

At Sigrid, our clients are charged on a subscription basis. In other words, they’re allowed to buy the subscription plan that best suits their needs. Each subscription plan also guarantees them a certain number of support hours per month. 

For example, a business owner who wants support for his small team may choose the Startup Plan. Under this plan, he gets 30 hours of support per month from a dedicated Sigrid Virtual Assistant. If he wants additional support for his team, he can top up his hours and delegate more tasks to his VA. 

3. Increased efficiency and productivity

By delegating tasks and job roles to your Sigrid Virtual Executive Assistant, you can enhance your own efficiency and productivity—as well as that of your team or organization. 

Case in point: a good executive assistant can keep your task list and schedule well organized

By keeping your task list organized and making sure that your schedule is aligned with your priorities and goals, you can get more accomplished, reduce stress and anxiety, and streamline your business processes.

Listed here are some of the calendar and scheduling tasks that can be assigned to your Sigrid VA:

  • Managing your inbox.
  • Scheduling meetings, appointments, and events and adding them to your calendar.
  • Making reservations at your favorite restaurants.
  • Booking meeting and conference rooms.
  • Setting up conference calls using your preferred app.
  • Reminding you of important dates and events (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, recurring meetings and events, approaching deadlines).

Your Sigrid VA can also remotely manage your projects. They’ll make sure that stakeholders are aligned on expectations, protocols are standardized, and goals and deliverables are met.

Listed here are some of the tasks that can be assigned to your Sigrid Project Management Virtual Assistant

  • Setting up project frameworks,
  •  Conducting specialized research,
  • Conducting client profiling and competitor analysis, 
  • Maintaining an online project document structure,
  • Conducting process management, and 
  • Managing team meetings and calendars.

4. More time to focus on core responsibilities

As a business owner, you’re constantly focusing on the bigger picture—whether that’s planning and strategy, brand development, or entering new markets. Unless you’re able to delegate secondary and admin tasks to trusted subordinates and virtual assistants, you’re most likely spending a great deal of time doing repetitive and non-core tasks.

These seemingly micro-tasks will rob you of your productivity and divert your attention away from your core responsibilities. 

By delegating all of your non-core and recurring admin tasks to your Sigrid Virtual Executive Assistant, you can focus on your primary objectives and move the needle forward for your business. 

Aside from improving your focus, outsourcing tasks to your Sigrid VA also frees up more time in your schedule, letting you experience better work-life balance.

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Top Industries and Professions that Would Benefit from Virtual Executive Assistants

Most industries and professions would benefit from the expertise of virtual executive assistants.

Examples of such professions and industries include: 

  • Startups & entrepreneurs
  • Chief executive officers & other senior executives 
  • Coaches
  • Social media influencers
  • Lawyers
  • Real estate agents 
  • Digital marketing firms
  • IT firms 
  • Accounting & financial firms 
  • Pastors & other religious leaders
  • Doctors & other medical professionals


Hit Your Business Goals with the Help of a Dedicated Sigrid Virtual Assistant

Want to hit all of your KPIs and business goals this year? Highly successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and coaches have all called virtual assistants their “secret weapon” to hitting—and even surpassing—their goals. 

Aside from project management and administrative tasks, your Sigrid Virtual Executive Assistant can also support your business in the following areas:

  • Travel Management - Tasks include travel and visa applications, travel bookings, and travel research. 
  • Human Resources - Tasks include recruitment and payroll management, attendance monitoring and timesheets, as well as employee performance management. 
  • Presentation Design - Your VA will collaborate with a designer to create beautiful and impactful presentations. 
  • Bookkeeping - Tasks include preparing financial reports, financial ledgers, tax filings, as well as client invoices and payments. 
  • Social Media Management - Tasks include strategy execution, content development and publishing, as well as analytics and reporting.
  • IT Support - Tasks include basic troubleshooting, software license management, and productivity hacks recommendations.

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