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We equip our remote staff with the latest AI-powered tools and systems, enabling them to deliver seamless, world-class support in a hybrid work setting

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MySigrid Service features

The Mysigrid Solution

Our platform & playbook guarantees seamless continuity

By leveraging advanced AI and a centralized knowledge-sharing platform, we offer a solution that not only meets but exceeds the capabilities of traditional talent agencies, BPOs, and freelancing platforms. 

Customer Success Manager

Our professional and experienced Customer Success Managers (CSMs) will guide you through the process and be there for you from the moment you first interact with MySigrid. Your CSM will ensure that your journey with MySigrid is successful. They will be your go-to person, making sure all the boxes on your checklist are ticked.

Dedicated Assistant

Your dedicated Assistant is a proficiently managed and extensively trained employee of MySigrid. In case a full-time Assistant isn't needed, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of plans tailored to suit your preferred hours.

MySigrid's process for matching a client with an Assistant is designed to ensure a harmonious and productive working relationship. The key to MySigrid's approach is that it's client-centric and flexible. We prioritize both the technical fit (skills and qualifications) and the personal fit (chemistry and working style) to ensure that the client and Assistant work seamlessly together, creating a productive and enjoyable partnership.

Continuity of service guaranteed

MySigrid guarantees continuity of service through the use of our game-changing feature, the Client Fact Book (CFB) in the MySigrid Communication & Task Management App.

Your dedicated Assistant uses the CFB to document all your unique preferences and instructions. In the event that your dedicated Assistant is unavailable, the backup Assistant is well-prepared to step in seamlessly, as they have access to all the relevant details in MySigrid. This approach ensures that no important details about your work, family, or personal life are forgotten, maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted service.


When you hire an Assistant from MySigrid, you're enlisting the support of the entire MySigrid Team.

You're not limited to the skills of your dedicated Assistant; they can tap into the expertise of our whole team of specialists at any time, including IT, travel specialists, coding, bookkeeping, graphic design, SEO, and social media management.

24/7 Backup Team

We also have a 24/7 backup team supporting your Assistant for critical tasks outside your Assistant’s working hours. Just write ‘Critical’ in the subject line, and our backup team of Assistants will be alerted in the MySigrid Assistant Communication & Task Management app.


Our dedicated Quality Management Team rigorously enforces strict quality control procedures to identify and proactively resolve quality issues.

Additionally, the MySigrid App guarantees that no task gets lost during delegation, ensuring your Assistant adheres to agreed-upon response times and deadlines, and that all client preferences and urgent appointments are meticulously managed.

If achieving top-notch quality is your priority, MySigrid is the industry's leading choice.

Email & Calendar Integration

Each client is allocated a dedicated Virtual Assistant. This individual is set up as an employee of your company and functions as a fully integrated member of your team. Your dedicated Assistant will also be given a local telephone number and company-branded email.

If you would like your dedicated Assistant to proactively manage your calendar and email inbox for you, we will set your Assistant up as an additional user on your email system.

Task Management App

The MySigrid Assistant Task Management app facilitates seamless communication with your dedicated Assistant, offering a structured overview of all your delegated tasks.

Additionally, you can easily track the time taken for task completion by your Assistant through the task management dashboard in the app, and monitor your subscription usage via your private dashboard.

Coaching & Training

Every one of our Assistants is connected to the MySigrid Training Academy. Your dedicated Assistant actively engages in bi-weekly coaching and training sessions alongside the entire MySigrid team. Supervisory support is readily accessible to aid in understanding new tasks and tools as required. This practice is invaluable in ensuring that your Assistant remains current with the latest tools and continues to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Proactive support with safe data sharing

In our digital-first world, most payment transactions require access to payment details and login credentials. 

Our Online Client Secure Vaults (CSVs) are equipped with robust end-to-end encryption, ensuring a secure way for you to share sensitive data with your Assistant, including credit card details and login credentials. This system enables our Assistants to go the extra mile on behalf of our clients, proactively managing their affairs without the need to disturb the client for every step of task fulfillment.

We recommend providing your Assistant with a secure MySigrid virtual debit card to efficiently handle your online payments in a safe and secure manner.


We'll make sure your personal assistant thrives

 Our community manager ensures your Personal Assistant thrives by overseeing team-building events, training sessions, and monthly social gatherings. With job stability, competitive compensation, long-term security, family medical coverage (HMO), and comprehensive benefits, we uphold the principles of ethical outsourcing while supporting our employees.

MySigrid employees


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The MySigrid Task Management App

We adapt to your work style

When you subscribe to one of our flexible plans, you gain access to the MySigrid Assistant Task Management App. MySigrid serves as the central hub for all your task management needs, where your dedicated Assistant manages your tasks and collaborates with our support team.

You can work with your dedicated Assistant and send tasks in any way you like, or use our free App. MySigrid captures all tasks in one place, ensuring everything is remembered and deadlines are met.


What our loyal customers say about us

Mark Fuller

Mark Fuller

Chairman of the Monitor Group

MySigrid offers an extraordinarily valuable service, customized to the client, provided by a staff who work hard, who listen, and continually strive to improve their quality. MySigrid delivers results and does so in a way which makes the entire process a pleasure.

Helen Kwon Kalanithi

Helen Kwon Kalanithi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, US

My MySigrid PA is off to a great start. She has a positive attitude, strong skills and is highly responsive. She also is excellent at anticipating my needs.

Yuanzheng Lee

Yuanzheng Lee

Founder, A Space Between, Singapore

I'm a very busy person with numerous business and personal commitments. My VA helps free up a lot of my time so that I can focus on more productive work. I love the consistency of the service provided by MySigrid. They have all the training and documentation in place so that even if another VA has to handle my concern, this VA already knows my working style and expectations and can deliver the results that I want.

Hans Schambye

Hans Schambye

Founder & CEO, Galecto Biotech, US

You receive support from this professional VA service that might otherwise be unaffordable. Proactiveness is a great advantage. My VA sometimes anticipates my travel needs before I do—that's a luxury I now enjoy. Additionally, there are more hours of support. Then, there is the 24-hour backup team supporting me when my VA is off. And because of the time difference tasks are already solved when I arrive at the office in the morning. 

Sherman Baldwin

Sherman Baldwin

CEO, LCR Capital Partners, US

My MySigrid VA is off to a great start. She has a positive attitude, strong skills and is highly responsive. She also is excellent at anticipating my needs. We see a bright future for her eventually managing a team providing services across our business. Well done!

Jeremiah Horne, TraxionTax

Jeremiah Horne

Managing Partner, TraxionTax, Denver, US

My VA is up to speed with her tasks. Overall, I am having a good experience with both the service and my VA’s performance. My VA works on things right away. She adjusts quickly to feedback and works on things really well.



Give an assistant a trial run and see how you like it

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Get started in one of two ways: sign up for one of our subscription plans now, and we can have you up and running within the next 48 hours. Or, book a consultation to learn more about the MySigrid service. 

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We schedule a call to familiarize ourselves with your needs and expectations. We’ll also identify the right systems and processes to provide seamless support.


We’ll match you with a dedicated Virtual Admin Assistant. We'll listen carefully to your requirements, as well as those of your family and business, to ensure a proper fit.

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You meet your dedicated VA. During the welcome call, your VA will get to know you, understand your work style, and familiarize themselves with the tools and systems you use.


Let us clear your To-Do List

Your premium 24/7 dedicated Virtual Assistant supported by a team of Specialists can handle all your work-related admin tasks and personal to-dos for you.

Calendar & Scheduling

Ask your dedicated Virtual Assistant to manage your schedule for you proactively.

Email Inbox Management

Your VA will plan and refine the detailed logistics of your life weeks ahead of time.

Document Management

Delegate all of your document management to your Sigrid Virtual Assistant so you can focus on revenue-generating activities.

Online Filing System

Your VA will create an online filing system using Google Drive or Dropbox, etc. All of your e-documents, images, and videos will then be archived in online folders. These folders will be properly labeled for easy organization and retrieval. All documents will be kept on file as long as is needed for compliance.

File Conversion

Your VA will convert your files into different formats (e.g. Google Docs into PDFs).

Typing & Transcription

Your VA will type and archive your meeting minutes, handwritten notes, and dictation. Voice recordings can also be transcribed.

Specialized Research

Need updated statistics for a report or board meeting? Let your Sigrid VA conduct in-depth research for you so you can focus on strategic activities.

Specialized Research

Do you need some detailed and actionable answers to some very complicated questions? Your dedicated VA can conduct in-depth research using online and offline sources.

Travel Management

Ask your dedicated Virtual Assistant to manage your travel itinerary & bookings for you proactively.

Travel Research

Your VA will research the best prices on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Your VA will also research health and travel measures taken by host countries.

Check-ins & Loyalty Programs

Your VA will manage your flight check-ins, secure your preferred seats on flights, and manage your loyalty programs.

Travel & VISA Applications

Your VA will manage travel and visa applications/visa and passport renewals.

Questions & Concerns

Your VA will contact customer support to resolve travel-related questions, track lost and delayed luggage, etc.

Expense Management

Your Sigrid VA will work with your existing software and processes to manage your expense reporting.

General Admin.

Ask your dedicated Virtual Assistant to manage all your general administrative tasks for you.

Project Management

Let your Sigrid Virtual Project Management Assistant manage every aspect of your projects.

Project Frameworks

Your Assistant will set up an MS Teams site & Workstreams for every project. Meeting scheduling templates will be set up.

Project Admin

Your Assistant will maintain an online project document structure and will conduct process management.

Meetings & Calendars

Your Assistant will manage meeting scheduling and calendars; book meeting rooms and event spaces; schedule conference calls on Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, etc


Your Assistant will conduct client profiling, competitor analysis, and specialized research.

Travel Management

Your Assistant will coordinate travel bookings, cancellations, and reimbursements; manages bookings at hotels, car rentals, and restaurants; processes travel expenses.

Personal Admin

Handles personal admin tasks like doctors’ appointments, online shopping, and PTA meetings, etc.

Specialized Research

Your Sigrid Project Management Assistant conducts competitor analysis and specialized research.

Process Management

Your Sigrid Project Management Assistant conducts Process Management.

Bookings, cancellations & reimbursements

Your Sigrid Project Management Assistant coordinates travel bookings, cancellations, and reimbursements.


Your Sigrid Project Management Assistant manages bookings at hotels, car rentals, and restaurants, etc.

Travel Expenses

Your Sigrid Project Management Assistant can process your travel expenses.

Personal Admin

Your Sigrid Project Management Assistant manages your personal admin.

Human Resources

Our highly-experienced HR Virtual Assistants can proactively manage your HR needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

Recruitment Management

Handles all aspects of recruitment management, including interviewing and processing job applicants, facilitating new hire orientation, etc.

Attendance Monitoring & Timesheets

Maintains your employee attendance and time tracking system; prepares monthly attendance timesheets.

Payroll Management

Handles all aspects of payroll management, including processing of salaries, keeping employees’ financial records, and submitting government tax reports.

Performance Management

Implements performance management processes that foster engagement, productivity, and excellence. Monitors employee performance.


Your Virtual Assistant will be assisted by our professional bookkeepers. Together, they’ll establish solid bookkeeping practices so you can focus on business growth.

Financial Reports

Your VA will prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for your accountant to review. Your VA will also perform the year-end closing of financial books.


Your VA will work on tax filing and tax documentation preparation.

Financial Ledgers

Your VA will monitor revenues versus expenses/monthly reconciliations; track day-to-day transactions; create reports and financial statements; handle accounts payable.

Client Invoices & Payments

Your VA will generate and send invoices to clients, as well as collect payments.

Additional Specializations

Your VA will perform inventory management, budget allocation, petty cash management, and payroll management.

Cashflow management

Collects payments/Assists with payroll and generates weekly financial reports/Monitors revenues versus expenses/Works on monthly reconciliations/Records and tracks day-to-day transactions.

Data Entering

Enters data, maintains records, and creates reports and financial statements/Handles accounts payable/Performs inventory management, budget allocation, and petty cash management.

Service Procurement

Let your Sigrid Virtual Assistant handle all aspects of the procurement process.

Service Procurement

Your VA will take note of your needs, expectations, and budget and will perform extensive research. They’ll then present you with the shortlisted candidates. Once you’ve selected your vendors, your VA will handle contract drafting, invoicing, and vendor management.

Data Entry

Delegate data entry and other clerical tasks to your Sigrid Virtual Assistant so you can focus on your priorities.

Data Entry

Your Data Entry Virtual Assistant will organize your data into a file system or spreadsheet. Your VA can also update information and compare new data sets to the original figures.

Account & Membership Management

Let your dedicated Virtual Assistant manage all of your accounts, subscriptions, and memberships.

Account & Membership Management

Your VA will manage all of your accounts, memberships, and subscriptions. Information will be kept up to date, unwanted services will be canceled, and relevant subscriptions will be renewed to avoid interruptions.

Social Media Management

Delegate your SocMed to-do list to your remote Social Media Specialist. Scale campaigns according to your marketing needs and budget.

Strategy Execution

Your Sigrid Social Media Specialist will execute your social media strategy, as well as manage your content and calendar on HubSpot.

Content Development

Your Social Media Specialist will develop unique and engaging content for all of your social media channels.


Your Social Media Specialist will monitor engagement, likes, shares, and other metrics. You’ll get timely reports on the performance of your social media campaigns.

Best Practices

Your Social Media Specialist will research the latest best practices and techniques to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Bills Payments & Management

Let your dedicated Personal Assistant manage your household budget and online bills payments so you can focus on your core responsibilities at home and work.

Household Bills Management

From electric and internet bills, to your mortgage payments and homeowner’s insurance, your remote PA will make sure that all of your household bills are paid on time.

IT Support

Delegate your IT-related issues to your Sigrid Virtual Assistant so you can focus on your core objectives.

Basic Troubleshooting

Your VA will perform basic troubleshooting. If they cannot find the solutions themselves, they’ll call or email IT support companies on your behalf.

Software Management

Your VA will provide software and software license management.

Recommendations & Research

Your VA will suggest productivity hacks and best-in-class software/hardware. Researches solutions to IT-related issues.

Email Inbox Management

Ask your dedicated Virtual Assistant to manage your Email Inbox for you proactively.

Online Shopping

Ask your dedicated Virtual Assistant to manage your online shopping for you proactively.

Event Management

Let your Sigrid Event Planning VA plan all of your private & corporate events remotely.

Specialized Research & Admin Tasks

Your Event Planning Virtual Assistant will perform specialized research and admin tasks—including researching venues, creating agendas, and sending invitations.

Vendor Management

Your Event Planning VA will research, vet, and hire different vendors for your event. Your VA will also manage all service contracts and invoices.


Your Event Planning VA will meticulously review and track your event budget to keep expenses under control.

Logistics Management

Your Event Planning VA will expertly coordinate with different vendors, speakers, and suppliers to ensure a successful event.

Presentation Design

Free up more time by submitting your presentation and stand out tomorrow

Presentation Design

Your Assistant, supported by a designer, will design beautiful and impactful presentations for you using PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Canva, and more.

Child & Family Logistics

Delegate your child and family logistics to your remote Personal Assistant. Regain the hours spent on family admin, research, bookings, etc.

Bookings & Appointments

Your remote PA will schedule doctors’ appointments, book venues for upcoming family celebrations, schedule extracurricular activities for your children, etc.

To-do Lists

Your PA will remotely accomplish your to-do lists (e.g. online grocery shopping, ordering supplies, communicating with customer support) so you can focus on your core responsibilities.


Your PA will perform specialized research (e.g. best summer camps for the children, best vegan restaurants) so you can focus on the big picture.

Personal & Family Projects

Your PA will complete all personal and family projects according to your specifications and budget.

Household Maintenance & Repairs

Free up more time in your schedule by delegating household maintenance and repairs to your remote Personal Assistant.

Your PA will remotely schedule house cleanings and other chores (roof inspections, carpet cleaning, pest control, etc).

Your VA will plan and refine the detailed logistics of your life weeks ahead of time.

Household Repairs

Your PA will remotely schedule household repairs with vetted contractors (plumbing repair, drain cleaning, insulation repair, etc).

Vendor Management

Your PA will use reputable sources (e.g. Angie’s List and Checkbook) to find reliable vendors and contractors.

Personal & Family Agenda

Your remote Personal Assistant will handle your family’s personal calendars, coordinating with everyone and finding a common time to hold get-togethers.

Personal & Family Calendar Management Management

Your remote PA will coordinate with everyone and agree on a time and place to hold celebrations, anniversaries, get-togethers, etc.

Appointment & Event Scheduling

Your PA will manage everyone’s personal calendars: setting appointments, scheduling and rescheduling events, etc. Everyone’s needs will be anticipated, ensuring that no family members are double-booked.


Your PA will remind all guests of their commitments ahead of time.

Bookings at Pubs, Restaurants & Hotels

Free up more time in your busy schedule by delegating the research and bookings at pubs, restaurants, and hotels to your dedicated Personal Assistant.

Venue & Price Research

Give your PA all the requirements and they’ll look for suitable venues. Your PA will come up with a short list detailing the features, pros and cons, and prices of each venue, making it simpler for you to make the final decisions.


Once you’ve made your final decisions, your PA will make the reservations. All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself!

Activities & Entertainment

Your dedicated Personal Assistant will help you plan your leisure activities and entertainment. Just let your PA know your preferred activities and they’ll research the available options.

Research & Planning

Want the latest movie listings and showtimes? Buying tickets for the upcoming tennis season or looking for an after-work pottery class? Your PA will furnish you with a short list of activities.

Reservations & Payments

Once you’ve made your final decisions, your PA will make the reservations and arrange payments. Don’t forget to sit back and enjoy your downtime!

Birthdays & Holidays

Give your Personal Assistant a short list of the birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays you want to remember, as well as the activities that should be planned for each celebrant or holiday.


Your remote PA will remind you of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and public holidays. This gives you the headspace to focus on more important activities.

Sends Gifts & Greeting Cards

Your remote PA will proactively purchase and send greeting cards, flowers, gifts, and cakes to your recipients.

Plans Activities & Celebrations

Your remote PA will help you plan the activities and celebrations for each celebrant or holiday.

Child Care & Schooling

Free up more time in your busy schedule by delegating all logistical and administrative aspects of child care and schooling to your remote Personal Assistant.

School Admin

Whether it’s managing school emails and activities, choosing tutors and afterschool programs, monitoring exams and homework, or scheduling PTA conferences, your PA will stay on top of day-to-day school admin.

Emergency Care

If your child gets sick, your remote PA can mobilize emergency backup care from vetted nannies, as well as consultations with pedia tricians and other healthcare practitioners.

Schedules Doctors’ Appointments

If your child has a learning disability, health issue, or physical disability, your PA will schedule appointments with doctors and other specialists—as well as order supplies, food, and other necessities.

Vets Nannies & Daycare Centers

Your remote PA will interview and vet nannies and babysitters. Your remote PA can also research, vet, and recommend daycare centers based on your location and budget.

Home, Car & Garden

Let your dedicated Virtual Personal Assistant manage all maintenance tasks related to your home, garden, and vehicles.

Car Repair

Need to order auto parts and accessories for your vehicles? Your remote PA will make the purchases and will hire auto mechanics to make the required installations and repairs.

Car Maintenance

If your vehicle is due for maintenance or an oil change, your remote PA will book appointments with your auto mechanic and will get the work done in a timely manner.

Home Maintenance

Do you need a plumber to work on your plumbing or a contractor to add an installation to your home? Your PA will vet the contractors, book the appointments, and manage all service contracts and payment invoices.

Garden Maintenance

Need a gardening service to keep your front lawn or private garden in presentable condition? Your PA will vet the gardening service and manage all service contracts and payment invoices.

Health & Personal Care

Let your highly experienced Sigrid Virtual Assistant process your insurance claims for you.

Insurance Claims

Your dedicated assistant will handle all aspects of your insurance claim and will track the progress of your claim until you’re fully reimbursed.

Reminders About Important Dates & Events

Remembering all of the important dates and events in your work and personal calendars can be daunting—which is why it’s best to outsource this to your remote Personal Assistant.

Combined Calendar Management (Work & Personal)

Whether it’s an upcoming house showing in a new neighborhood or a meeting with potential business partners, your PA will meticulously plan your calendar and daily schedule to help you accomplish more and stay on top of your priorities.

Reminders & Planning

Your remote PA will stay on top of all of the important dates and events in your combined calendar, reminding you of these events and helping you prepare everything you need to make them a success.

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Premium Executive & Personal Assistance

At MySigrid, we match you with a dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA) who possesses deep business experience to support you and your team. Your handpicked Assistant is pre-vetted, trained, and managed by us. 

Your dedicated Assistant will help manage and coordinate your work, personal, and family logistics. They are supported by a Backup Assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a team of Specialists, and a 24/7 Backup Team for critical tasks outside of your Assistant's regular working hours. 

Our team operates in all time zones, Mondays through Fridays. Whether you’re traveling to a different time zone or require assistance during weekends we've got you covered.

Your Assistant undergoes bi-weekly coaching and training sessions and is continuously supervised by our quality control officers, ensuring top-notch service.

We use MySigrid, our proprietary Collaboration and Task Management App to efficiently and collectively manage tasks. This improves quality, reduces human error, and increases speed. 

We are highly flexible and can adapt to your working style. MySigrid is easy to set up and can be seamlessly integrated into your preferred systems and processes. 

We also guarantee seamless continuity, meaning that the Backup Assistant can seamlessly step in and provide support if needed without disrupting your service.


"We've tried working with virtual assistants four or five times in the past - and this is the first time we've encountered a service that was more of an asset than a bandaid. MySigrid has changed our minds about hiring remotely for certain capacities. We wanted to see if we could leverage MySigrid more and found that we could. While the service isn't without limitations, its capabilities are quite broad. I highly commend MySigrid for structuring their services in a way that enables them to deliver quality support with such consistency. If we didn't have MySigrid it would impact our efficiency and effectiveness. This has been an effective service during the most trying times."

Suresh Rajan

Chairman & Founder, LCR Capital Partners, US

Suresh Rajan
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Meet of team

Meet Our Team

A big part of our team is based in Manila. All our employees are heavily influenced by Western culture. That means you'll probably have a lot in common with your new Philippine colleagues. We spend a great deal of time recruiting and testing the right people, training them extensively, and giving them all the resources they’ll need to offer world-class care. This commitment to excellence has enabled us to build a professionally managed distributed team.

All of our Virtual Assistants and Specialists have years of professional experience. They’re also regular people, with families and responsibilities, hopes and dreams. They understand how challenging it can be to juggle demanding careers while keeping everyone at home safe and happy. This deep empathy allows them to anticipate your needs and provide personalized, world-class care.


Frequently Asked Questions