Premium Executive Support

MySigrid's executive assistants provide essential support tailored for SMEs across crucial areas of operation through the following:


Streamlined Administrative Support

Experience your MySigrid Executive assistant effectively streamline administrative tasks such as email management, appointment scheduling, and calendar maintenance, ensuring seamless day-to-day operations. They expertly handle phone calls, screen inquiries, and organize files, both digitally and physically, alleviating your administrative burdens.


Customer Service Excellence

Benefit from MySigrid's seasoned Executive Assistants as they excel in promptly responding to inquiries, processing orders, and ensuring customer satisfaction, while actively gathering feedback from customers, helping you maintain lasting client relationships and boost your brand reputation.


Communication Support

With MySigrid's Effective Communication support, our executive assistants adeptly draft and edit business correspondence, prepare presentations, and manage social media accounts. Their expertise ensures clear and professional communication, internally and externally, enhancing your business's image and engagement.

Financial Management Support

Rely on MySigrid for Financial Management Support as our executive assistants assist with basic bookkeeping tasks, coordinate with accountants or bookkeepers, and manage payroll and employee reimbursements. They help maintain accurate financial records and ensure compliance with financial regulations.


Project Management

Count on us for Efficient Project Management as our executive assistants excel in coordinating projects across teams, tracking timelines and deadlines, and conducting research to support decision-making. Their project management skills enable effective project execution and desired outcomes


HR Support

Leverage your MySigrid's Executive Assistant as they support you through recruitment efforts, onboarding new employees, and maintaining employee records. Their assistance streamlines HR processes, allowing you to focus on cultivating a positive work environment and retaining top talent.


Personalized Assistance

Enjoy Personalized Assistance from MySigrid's executive assistants, who manage personal appointments, correspondence, and travel arrangements for you. Their support extends beyond business matters, enabling you to achieve a better work-life balance.


Research and Analysis Support

Experience the research and analysis expertise of your MySigrid Executive assistant as they conduct thorough research on various topics relevant to your business. From market trends to competitor analysis, they gather valuable insights to support informed decision-making. Their analytical skills help you stay ahead of the curve and make strategic business moves confidently.

"My VA is up to speed with her tasks. Overall, I am having a good experience with both the service and my VAs performance. My VA works on things right away. She adjusts quickly to feedback and works on things really well."

Jeremiah Horne

Managing Partner, TraxionTax, Denver, US

Jeremiah Horne


Highly rated by our customers

Our Subscription Plans

Choose the plan that best fits your needs and enjoy dedicated support whenever you need it.

Personal Plan


15 hours of support per month

  • A dedicated Executive Assistant. Your single point of contact for all your requests and tasks
  • 1 User
  • Online hours: 1 hr/day
  • Top-up: US$32 per hour
  • A trained backup assistant
  • Support from a Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 backup team for critical tasks
  • Access to our entire team of specialists
  • Quality Control & Supervision
  • Coaching & Training



30 hours of support per month

  • A dedicated Executive Assistant. Your single point of contact for all your requests and tasks
  • Multiple Users
  • Online hours: 2 hr/day
  • Top-up: US$28 per hour
  • A trained backup assistant
  • Support from a Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 backup team for critical tasks
  • Access to our entire team of specialists
  • Quality Control & Supervision
  • Coaching & Training



60 hours of support per month

  • A dedicated Executive Assistant Your single point of contact for all your requests and tasks
  • Multiple Users
  • Online hours: 4 hr/day
  • Top-up: US$25 per hour
  • A trained backup assistant
  • Support from a Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 backup team for critical tasks
  • Access to our entire team of specialists
  • Quality Control & Supervision
  • Coaching & Training



120 hours of support per month

  • A dedicated Executive Assistant. Your single point of contact for all your requests and tasks
  • Unlimited Users
  • Online-hours: 8 hr/day
  • Top-up: US$20 per hour
  • A trained backup assistant
  • Support from a Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 Backup Team for critical tasks
  • Access to our entire team of specialists
  • Quality Control & Supervision
  • Coaching & Training

Schedule a 20-minute call with our Customer Success Team to get started or learn more.



Our Executive Assistants have worked for some of the world's leading service companies

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Give your Executive Assistant a trial run for a month or two
and see how you like it

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Get started in one of two ways: sign up for one of our subscription plans now, and we can have you up and running within the next 48 hours. Or, book a consultation to learn more about the MySigrid service. 

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We schedule a call to familiarize ourselves with your needs and expectations. We’ll also identify the right systems and processes to provide seamless support.


We will pair you with a dedicated Executive Assistant. We will attentively consider your needs, as well as those of your family and business, to ensure a suitable match.


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You connect with your assigned EA. In the welcome call, your EA will get to know you, comprehend your work approach, and familiarize themselves with the tools and systems you utilize.


These are just a few of the great companies where MySigrid staff are making a difference

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Hear it from a few of our loyal customers

Helen Kwon Kalanithi

Helen Kwon Kalanithi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

MySigrid has excellent customer service. They offer top-notch service at a good price point. I am really happy with the wide range of services that MySigrid can accommodate for their clients, and my VA is so helpful at pointing out what can work better for me in my workflow and day-to-day life. 

Sherman Baldwin

Sherman Baldwin

CEO, LCR Capital Partners, US

My MySigrid VA is off to a great start. She has a positive attitude, strong skills and is highly responsive. She also is excellent at anticipating my needs. We see a bright future for her eventually managing a team providing services across our business. Well done!


The Mysigrid Solution

Our platform & playbook guarantees seamless continuity

Our features and advantages exceed what conventional talent agencies, BPOs, and freelance platforms can provide.

Customer Success Manager

Our professional and experienced Customer Success Managers (CSMs) will lead you through the process and be by your side from your initial interaction with MySigrid. Your CSM will guarantee a successful journey with MySigrid, serving as your main point of contact to ensure all your requirements are met.

Dedicated Executive Assistant

Your dedicated Executive Assistant is a well-managed and extensively trained member of the MySigrid team. If a full-time Assistant isn't necessary, you can choose from various plans tailored to your preferred hours.

MySigrid's method of pairing clients with Executive Assistants aims for a harmonious and productive working relationship.

Our approach is client-focused and adaptable, emphasizing both technical fit (skills and qualifications) and personal fit (chemistry and working style). This ensures a seamless collaboration between the client and Assistant, fostering a productive and enjoyable partnership.

Continuity of service guaranteed

MySigrid ensures service continuity with our revolutionary feature, the ClientFact Book (CFB) in the MySigrid Communication & Task Management App.

Your dedicated Executive Assistant utilizes the CFB to record your distinct preferences and instructions. If your assigned Executive Assistant is unavailable, the backup Assistant is ready to step in seamlessly, armed with access to all pertinent details in MySigrid. This method guarantees that no crucial details about your work, family, or personal life are overlooked, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted service.


When you hire an Executive Assistant from MySigrid, you're enlisting the support of the entire MySigrid Team.

You're not limited to the skills of your dedicated Executive Assistant; they can tap into the expertise of our whole team of specialists at any time, including IT, travel specialists, coding, bookkeeping, graphic design, SEO, and social media management.

24/7 Backup Team

In addition to all that MySigrid offers, we also provide a backup team available 24/7 to assist your Executive Assistant with crucial tasks beyond their regular working hours. Simply write 'Critical' in the subject line, and our team of backup Executive Assistants will be notified through the MySigridAssistant Communication & Task Management app.


Our committed Quality Management Team diligently implements strict quality control measures to detect and proactively address any quality issues.

Additionally, the MySigrid App ensures no task goes overlooked during delegation, making sure your Executive Assistant adheres to agreed-upon response times and deadlines, while meticulously handling all client preferences and urgent appointments.

If prioritizing exceptional quality is your focus, MySigrid stands as the foremost choice in the industry

Email & Calendar Integration

Every client is assigned a dedicated Executive Assistant, who is established as an employee of your company and operates as a fully integrated team member. Your dedicated Executive Assistant will also be given a local telephone number and a company-branded email.

If you prefer your dedicated Executive Assistant to take a proactive role in managing your calendar and email inbox, we will personally set up your Executive Assistant as an additional user on your email system.

Task Management App

The MySigrid Assistant Task Management app enables smooth communication with your dedicated Executive Assistant, providing a well-organized overview of all the tasks you've delegated.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly monitor the time spent on task completion by your Executive Assistant through the task management dashboard in the app, and keep track of your subscription usage through your private dashboard.

Coaching & Training

All our Executive Assistants are linked to the MySigrid Training Academy. Your assigned Executive Assistant actively participates in bi-weekly coaching and training sessions, joining the entire MySigrid team. Supervisory assistance is readily available to help comprehend new tasks and tools when needed. This approach is crucial in ensuring that your Executive Assistant stays updated on the latest tools, continually improving their skills and knowledge.

Proactive support with safe data sharing

In our digitally driven era, the majority of payment transactions involve accessing payment details and login credentials.

Our Secure Online Client Vaults (CSVs) feature robust end-to-end encryption, ensuring a secure means for you to share sensitive information with your Executive Assistant, such as credit card details and login credentials. This system empowers our Executive Assistants to go above and beyond for our clients, proactively managing their matters without requiring constant client involvement at every step of task fulfillment.

We recommend providing your Executive Assistant with a secure MySigrid virtual debit card for the efficient and secure handling of your online payments.

The MySigrid Task Management App

We adapt to your work style

By enrolling in any of our flexible plans, you unlock entry to the MySigrid Assistant Task Management App. MySigrid acts as the central platform for all your task management requirements, where your Executive Assistant oversees your tasks and collaborates with our support team.

Feel free to collaborate with your designated Executive Assistant and submit tasks in your preferred manner, or utilize our complimentary app. MySigrid consolidates all tasks in a unified location, guaranteeing comprehensive recall and timely completion of deadlines.

The Sigrid community

We'll make sure your Executive Assistant thrives

Apart from ensuring that your Executive Assistant is equipped with all the essential tools and systems, we offer a shared workspace where your Executive Assistant can engage with the entire MySigrid community. Our committed community manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continuous success of your Executive Assistant. They manage team-building activities, arrange training sessions, and coordinate monthly social events, cultivating a cooperative and lively atmosphere for both your Executive Assistant and the wider community.


Frequently Asked Questions