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Let us help you grow and scale your Real Estate business

Your MySigrid 24/7 dedicated Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) will assist you in swiftly expanding your real estate business and achieving substantial Gross Commission Income (GCI) savings. 

Lead generation & follow-up

Lead Generation and Follow-up

Your trusted Virtual Assistant will proactively seek out new leads, initiate meaningful conversations, and implement follow-up strategies that keep potential clients engaged and excited about your offerings.

Administrative Tasks

Administrative Tasks

Picture your Virtual Assistant streamlining your administrative workload, handling calendars effortlessly, managing emails promptly, and ensuring all administrative aspects are organized and optimized for maximum productivity.

Inside Sales and Prospecting

Inside Sales and Prospecting

Envision your Virtual Assistant as your dynamic sales support team, diving deep into prospecting, engaging with leads, and employing persuasive techniques to convert potential clients into enthusiastic buyers or sellers.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Creative virtuosos at your service! Your Virtual Assistant breathe life into your marketing efforts by developing visually captivating campaigns, generating compelling content, and harnessing the power of digital platforms to attract and retain clients.

Transaction Coordination

Transaction Coordination

Experience flawless transactions with your Virtual Assistant managing paperwork meticulously, liaising between parties involved, and ensuring every transaction phase proceeds seamlessly to the delight of your clients.

Loan Processor

Loan Processor

Let your reliable Virtual Assistant handle the intricate details of loan processing and managing documentation. Ensuring a smooth financial flow throughout your real estate transactions.


Documents Preparation

Documentation Preparation

Your dependable Virtual Assistant will meticulously handle document preparation for you. Ensuring accuracy and timeliness in every piece of paperwork, keeping your deals on track and your clients impressed.

Real Estate Market Research

Real Estate Market Research

Your reliable Virtual Assistant will be responsible for conducting comprehensive research, providing you with invaluable insights into market trends, property values, and lucrative opportunities, and empowering you to make informed decisions.

"We've tried working with virtual assistants four or five times in the past - and this is the first time we've encountered a service that was more of an asset than a bandaid. MySigrid has changed our minds about hiring remotely for certain capacities. I highly commend MySigrid for structuring their services in a way that enables them to deliver quality support with such consistency. If we didn't have MySigrid it would impact our efficiency and effectiveness. This has been an effective service during the most trying times."

Suresh Rajan

Chairman & Founding Partner, LCR Capital Partners

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The Mysigrid Solution

Exceptional Advantages and Distinctive Features

Our features and benefits surpass what traditional talent agencies, BPOs, and freelancing platforms can offer. 

Customer Success Manager

Our professional and experienced Customer Success Managers (CSMs) will guide you through the process and be there for you from the moment you first interact with MySigrid. Your CSM will ensure that your journey with MySigrid is successful. They will be your go-to person, making sure all the boxes on your checklist are ticked.

Dedicated Assistant

Your dedicated Assistant is a proficiently managed and extensively trained employee of MySigrid. In case a full-time Assistant isn't needed, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of plans tailored to suit your preferred hours.

MySigrid's process for matching a client with an Assistant is designed to ensure a harmonious and productive working relationship. The key to MySigrid's approach is that it's client-centric and flexible. We prioritize both the technical fit (skills and qualifications) and the personal fit (chemistry and working style) to ensure that the client and Assistant work seamlessly together, creating a productive and enjoyable partnership.

Continuity of service guaranteed

MySigrid guarantees continuity of service through the use of our game-changing feature, the Client Fact Book (CFB) in the MySigrid Communication & Task Management App.

Your dedicated Assistant uses the CFB to document all your unique preferences and instructions. In the event that your dedicated Assistant is unavailable, the backup Assistant is well-prepared to step in seamlessly, as they have access to all the relevant details in MySigrid. This approach ensures that no important details about your work, family, or personal life are forgotten, maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted service.


When you hire an Assistant from MySigrid, you're enlisting the support of the entire MySigrid Team.

You're not limited to the skills of your dedicated Assistant; they can tap into the expertise of our whole team of specialists at any time, including IT, travel specialists, coding, bookkeeping, graphic design, SEO, and social media management.

24/7 Backup Team

We also have a 24/7 backup team supporting your Assistant for critical tasks outside your Assistant’s working hours. Just write ‘Critical’ in the subject line, and our backup team of Assistants will be alerted in the MySigrid Assistant Communication & Task Management app.


Our dedicated Quality Management Team rigorously enforces strict quality control procedures to identify and proactively resolve quality issues.

Additionally, the MySigrid App guarantees that no task gets lost during delegation, ensuring your Assistant adheres to agreed-upon response times and deadlines, and that all client preferences and urgent appointments are meticulously managed.

If achieving top-notch quality is your priority, MySigrid is the industry's leading choice.

Email & Calendar Integration

Each client is allocated a dedicated Virtual Assistant. This individual is set up as an employee of your company and functions as a fully integrated member of your team. Your dedicated Assistant will also be given a local telephone number and company-branded email.

If you would like your dedicated Assistant to proactively manage your calendar and email inbox for you, we will set your Assistant up as an additional user on your email system.

Task Management App

The MySigrid Assistant Task Management app facilitates seamless communication with your dedicated Assistant, offering a structured overview of all your delegated tasks.

Additionally, you can easily track the time taken for task completion by your Assistant through the task management dashboard in the app, and monitor your subscription usage via your private dashboard.

Coaching & Training

Every one of our Assistants is connected to the MySigrid Training Academy. Your dedicated Assistant actively engages in bi-weekly coaching and training sessions alongside the entire MySigrid team. Supervisory support is readily accessible to aid in understanding new tasks and tools as required. This practice is invaluable in ensuring that your Assistant remains current with the latest tools and continues to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Proactive support with safe data sharing

In our digital-first world, most payment transactions require access to payment details and login credentials. 

Our Online Client Secure Vaults (CSVs) are equipped with robust end-to-end encryption, ensuring a secure way for you to share sensitive data with your Assistant, including credit card details and login credentials. This system enables our Assistants to go the extra mile on behalf of our clients, proactively managing their affairs without the need to disturb the client for every step of task fulfillment.

We recommend providing your Assistant with a secure MySigrid virtual debit card to efficiently handle your online payments in a safe and secure manner.

The MySigrid Task Management App

We adapt to your work style

When you subscribe to one of our flexible plans, you gain access to the MySigrid Assistant Task Management App. MySigrid serves as the central hub for all your task management needs, where your dedicated Assistant manages your tasks and collaborates with our support team.

You can work with your dedicated Assistant and send tasks in any way you like, or use our free App.

MySigrid captures all tasks in one place, ensuring everything is remembered and deadlines are met.


The Sigrid community

We'll make sure your assistant thrives

In addition to ensuring that your Assistant has all of the necessary tools and systems in place, we also provide a co-working space where your Assistant can connect with the entire MySigrid community. Our dedicated community manager plays a crucial role in ensuring that your Virtual Assistant thrives at all times. They oversee team-building events, organize training sessions, and coordinate monthly social gatherings, fostering a collaborative and vibrant environment for both your Assistant and the broader community 


Hear it from a few of our loyal customers

Helen Kwon Kalanithi

Helen Kwon Kalanithi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

MySigrid has excellent customer service. They offer top-notch service at a good price point. I am really happy with the wide range of services that MySigrid can accommodate for their clients, and my VA is so helpful at pointing out what can work better for me in my workflow and day-to-day life. 

Yuanzheng Lee

Yuanzheng Lee

Founder, A Space Between, Singapore

I love the consistency of the service provided by MySigrid. They have all the training and documentation in place so that even if another VA has to handle my concern, this VA already knows my working style and expectations and can deliver the results that I want.

Stacey Boyd

Stacey Boyd

CEO & Founder, OLIVELA, US

My VA is one of the hardest working and most responsive people I have had the honor to work with. And the larger Sigrid team is always so ready to jump in and help if something arises during off-hours for my VA. I don't know what I did before you all helped organize my life! You truly make everything possible. Thank you.


Jeremiah Horne

Managing Partner, TraxionTax, Denver, US

My VA is up to speed with her tasks. Overall, I am having a good experience with both the service and my VA’s performance. My VA works on things right away. She adjusts quickly to feedback and works on things really well.

Sherman Baldwin

Sherman Baldwin

CEO, LCR Capital Partners, US

My MySigrid VA is off to a great start. She has a positive attitude, strong skills and is highly responsive. She also is excellent at anticipating my needs. We see a bright future for her eventually managing a team providing services across our business. Well done!

Hans Chambye

Hans Schambye

Founder & CEO, Galecto Biotech, US

You receive support from this professional VA service that might otherwise be unaffordable. Proactiveness is a great advantage. My VA sometimes anticipates my travel needs before I do—that's a luxury I now enjoy. Additionally, there are more hours of support. Then, there is the 24-hour backup team supporting me when my VA is off. And because of the time difference tasks are already solved when I arrive at the office in the morning. 



Give an assistant a trial run for a month or two
and see how you like it

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Get started in one of two ways: Sign up for a 14-day free trial or give an assistant a trial run for a month or two and see how you like it. Initial consultation is required.

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We schedule a call to familiarize ourselves with your needs and expectations. We’ll also identify the right systems and processes to provide seamless support.


We’ll match you with a dedicated Virtual Admin Assistant. We'll listen carefully to your requirements, as well as those of your family and business, to ensure a proper fit.


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You meet your dedicated VA. During the welcome call, your VA will get to know you, understand your work style, and familiarize themselves with the tools and systems you use.

Get started for free with our Premium Real Estate Virtual Assistant Subscription Plans

Get a 14-Day Free Trial or take advantage of our 2FOR1 Promotion. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and enjoy dedicated support whenever you need it (Initial consultation required).

Get a 14-Day Free Trial

Sign up today and enjoy a free 14-day trial of our service. If you would like to continue with a paid subscription after the trial has been completed, your dedicated assistant will simply continue to support you without any interruption to the service.

Claim our 2FOR1 Promotion

Try out a dedicated assistant for a month or two and see how you like it. Sign up today and enjoy the first two months of premium virtual assistant support at the price of one month.

Personal Plan


15 hours of support per month

  • A dedicated REVA. Your single point of contact for all your requests and tasks
  • 1 User
  • Online hours: 1 hr/day
  • Top-up: US$32 per hour
  • A trained backup assistant
  • Support from a Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 backup team for critical tasks
  • Access to our entire team of specialists



30 hours of support per month

  • A dedicated REVA. Your single point of contact for all your requests and tasks
  • Multiple Users
  • Online hours: 2 hr/day
  • Top-up: US$28 per hour
  • A trained backup assistant
  • Support from a Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 backup team for critical tasks
  • Access to our entire team of specialists



60 hours of support per month

  • A dedicated REVA. Your single point of contact for all your requests and tasks
  • Multiple Users
  • Online hours: 4 hr/day
  • Top-up: US$25 per hour
  • A trained backup assistant
  • Support from a Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 backup team for critical tasks
  • Access to our entire team of specialists



120 hours of support per month

  • A dedicated REVA. Your single point of contact for all your requests and tasks
  • Unlimited Users
  • Online-hours: 8 hr/day
  • Top-up: US$20 per hour
  • A trained backup assistant
  • Support from a Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 Backup Team for critical tasks
  • Access to our entire team of specialists

Schedule a 20-minute call with our Customer Success Team to get started or learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions 

MySigrid is committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, technical, and administrative security measures to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

All our staff have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) covering the protection of your information and are regularly trained about our Information Security Policies.

Your information is stored in our MySigrid system, which is our custom-built platform for handling all communications and information related to our clients. MySigrid is hosted entirely on the Google Cloud Platform and takes advantage of the industry-standard security of that platform, along with regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

For particularly sensitive information—such as passwords, log-ins, and sensitive documents—we rely on 1Password, the leading secure password management, and data sharing solution. Read more about how we use 1Password to protect the sensitive data you share with your dedicated Virtual Assistant here.

If you want our staff to use other means of transferring or storing information (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Whatsapp), we will use such systems in accordance with our Information Security Policies.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details. If you have any questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer at dpo@sigrid.ai.

Online hours are the time slots during weekdays when you can have real-time communication with your VA.

These are also the times when your Virtual Assistant can participate in meetings, calls, etc.

  • For the Personal Plan, you can select one 1-hour slot per day.
  • For the Start-up Plan, you can select one 2-hour slot per day.
  • For the Growth Plan, you can select one 4-hour slot per day.
  • For the Enterprise Plan, you can select two adjacent 4-hour slots per day. 

These slots cover the following time zones (Summer-Time):

  • Asia 12:00-16:00 SGST
  • Europe  10:00-14:00 CET/CEST
  • America East  9am-1pm EST/EDT
  • America West 11am-3pm PST/PDT

We will adjust the times accordingly during Winter Hours.

The actual resolution of your tasks may happen at any time of day depending on urgency and the skills required.

Can I get help outside my online hours?

If your task requires immediate attention inside your online hours, please write the word ’Urgent’ in the subject line or chat text. Incoming voice or video calls will be treated as urgent. 

If your task requires immediate attention regardless of the time of day (especially outside your online hours), always send an email and write ’Critical' in the subject line. 

These are our response time commitments:


Response time*


Task Resolution


Within 30 minutes

Inside online hours

As soon as possible


Within 15 minutes

Inside online hours



Within 15 minutes




Before you sign up for one of our dedicated Virtual Assistant subscription plans, we ask that you schedule a 20-minute consultation with us. This will help us get to know you better, familiarize ourselves with your work style, and identify the areas where you need support. Based on this info, we’ll then match you with the right dedicated Virtual Assistant.  We can have you up and running with support from one of our Virtual Assistants within the week.

If you would like to choose your own Virtual Assistant, we will submit a bulk of CVs for you to choose from. We then schedule initial interview consultations. 

You’ll get introduced to your new Virtual Assistant during your onboarding call. We assign staff to new clients based on their geographical location. We also take into account whether it’s a single client or a whole team that is subscribing to one of our flexible subscription plans.

We’ll do our utmost to pair you with the right dedicated Virtual Assistant. How? You’ll meet your dedicated VA before you start working with us. What’s more, your dedicated VA is hired, trained, managed, and vetted by us. 

While chemistry isn’t something we can control, we’ll make sure to always provide excellent customer service and demonstrate empathy. If, for one reason or other, it’s not working out the way you hoped for, we will change the VA if needed.