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Achieve New Levels of Workplace Productivity with Virtual Secretary Services

In today's fast-paced and demanding professional landscape, senior executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs often find themselves juggling numerous tasks and responsibilities. The pressure to stay productive and organized can be overwhelming, leading to burnout and decreased efficiency.

Thankfully, there is a solution: hiring a virtual secretary. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring a virtual secretary and how they can provide qualified support to help you excel in your role.

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What is a Virtual Secretary?

How Does a Virtual Secretary Differ from a Traditional Secretary?

Tasks that Can Be Delegated to Virtual Secretaries

Achieve New Levels of Workplace Productivity with a Sigrid Virtual Secretary

What is a Virtual Secretary?

Also known as a digital secretary, a virtual secretary is a professional who offers administrative support to individuals and businesses. They leverage technology and digital tools to provide their services remotely, without the need for a physical presence in the office. A virtual secretary acts as a dedicated assistant, handling various tasks to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Virtual secretarial services is one of our specialties here at Sigrid. Your Sigrid Virtual Secretary can manage work-related admin tasks for you. By delegating admin tasks to a trusted professional, you’ll have the freedom and headspace to tackle your major goals and excel in your profession.

Virtual secretary services

How Does a Virtual Secretary Differ from a Traditional Secretary?

While a traditional secretary typically works from a physical office, a virtual secretary operates remotely, utilizing digital platforms and communication tools to carry out their responsibilities. 

Virtual secretaries differ from traditional secretaries in several key ways:

Physical Presence

Traditional secretaries work from a physical office location, typically within the same premises as their employers. In contrast, virtual secretaries operate remotely, often from their own home offices or co-working spaces. They leverage technology to communicate and collaborate with their clients, eliminating the need for a physical presence.

Communication Channels

Traditional secretaries primarily rely on face-to-face interactions and in-person communication with their employers. They may handle phone calls and written correspondence as well. Virtual secretaries, in contrast, use digital communication channels—such as email, instant messaging, and video conferencing—to stay connected with their clients. They excel at working in a remote and digital environment.

Geographic Constraints

Traditional secretaries are typically limited by geographical proximity. They need to be physically present in the same location as their employers. In contrast, virtual secretaries can provide their services from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a reliable Internet connection. This allows clients to access a broader pool of talent and find the best match for their needs.

Cost and Flexibility

Hiring a traditional secretary often involves additional costs, such as providing office space, equipment, and employee benefits. Virtual secretaries—being independent contractors or employees of virtual assistant agencies—typically offer more cost-effective solutions. 

Clients can hire virtual secretaries on an as-needed basis, providing flexibility in terms of hours worked and tasks assigned. Case in point: here at Sigrid, we offer flexible subscription plans that give clients fixed hours of support each month. 

Subscribing to one of our plans gives clients access to a dedicated Virtual Assistant, as well as an entire team of Specialists for specialized tasks. You can always top up your subscription hours if you need extra support, helping you minimize overhead costs while maintaining an optimum level of support. 

Broader Skill Sets

Virtual secretaries may also possess specialized skills that go beyond that of traditional secretaries. These include bookkeeping, project management, social media management, and graphic design. 

Business Continuity

Traditional secretaries may face challenges when it comes to business continuity. If they are absent due to illness, vacation leave, or unforeseen circumstances, finding a replacement or handling their workload can be challenging for employers. 

Virtual secretaries, on the other hand, often work as part of a team or have backup arrangements in place. This ensures that clients receive continuous support, even in the absence of their primary virtual secretary.

At Sigrid, all of our clients are guaranteed seamless continuity. This means that even if their primary Virtual Secretary is on leave, another one can seamlessly step in and perform the required tasks. And since we meticulously note down the preferences and expectations of each client, you won’t notice any difference in the quality of service or attention to detail.


Tasks that Can Be Delegated to Virtual Secretaries

Administrative Tasks

Virtual secretaries can handle a range of administrative duties, such as organizing and maintaining digital files, managing emails, and handling correspondence. They ensure that your administrative processes run smoothly, allowing you to focus on critical tasks.

Work Calendar & Schedule Management

By entrusting your work calendar and schedule management to a virtual secretary, you can enjoy seamless coordination of appointments, meetings, and deadlines. They help you optimize your time, ensuring you never miss an important event or milestone. 

Contact Management

Virtual secretaries excel at maintaining comprehensive contact databases. They can update and manage your contacts, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for effective communication and networking.

Answering & Placing Calls

A virtual secretary can handle incoming calls, screen them based on your preferences, and forward urgent matters to you. Additionally, they can make outbound calls on your behalf, saving you time and enabling efficient communication.

Document Management

From drafting and formatting documents to proofreading and editing, virtual secretaries provide reliable document management support. They ensure your documents are professional, error-free, and ready for distribution.

Travel Management

Virtual secretaries can take charge of organizing your travel arrangements, including booking flights, accommodations, and transportation. By delegating this task, you can focus on your work while knowing that your travel plans are in capable hands.


Managing financial records and bookkeeping using the best software can be time-consuming. Virtual secretaries with bookkeeping skills can assist in organizing expenses, tracking invoices, and maintaining financial reports, providing accurate insights into your financial standing.

Service Procurement

Need to find the best service providers or vendors for your business? Virtual secretaries can research, compare prices, and recommend reliable options, saving you the hassle of extensive research.

Bills Payment & Shopping

Virtual secretaries can manage your bills, ensuring timely payments and avoiding any potential penalties. They can also assist with online shopping, placing orders, and tracking deliveries.


Virtual secretaries are adept at conducting thorough research on various topics, gathering valuable information and insights that can support your decision-making process.

Booking Meeting Rooms & Venues

Whether it's finding the perfect meeting room or booking a venue for a corporate event, virtual secretaries can handle all the logistics, saving you time and effort.

Presentation Creation

Virtual secretaries can create professional presentations that are visually appealing and engaging. They can transform your ideas into captivating slides, helping you deliver impactful presentations.

Reminders about Important Dates & Events

With a virtual secretary, you can stay on top of important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and professional events. They will send you timely reminders, ensuring you never miss a crucial occasion.

Managing Accounts & Memberships

Virtual secretaries can assist in managing your online accounts and memberships, ensuring smooth access and optimal utilization of various platforms and services. They can also cancel unused memberships to prevent unwanted charges. 

Data Entry

Tedious yet essential, data entry tasks can be efficiently handled by virtual secretaries. They can accurately input data into spreadsheets, databases, or other systems, saving you valuable time.


Achieve New Levels of Workplace Productivity with a Sigrid Virtual Secretary

Whether you’re running a clinic, law practice, or startup, there aren’t nearly enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to keep your business running. If you’re handling all of your admin tasks with very limited secretarial support, you’re more likely to make costly mistakes and experience burnout.  

Delegating non-core tasks to a remote secretary service like Sigrid will lighten your workload, enabling you to achieve a healthier work-life balance while still accomplishing major career goals. 

We offer flexible subscription plans, starting at only US$450/month. You can purchase subscription hours for yourself or your team. Get in touch today and learn how we can make a difference.


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