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Tasks You Should Outsource to Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Whether you’re a real estate agent or broker, your profession requires you to process a great deal of paperwork and admin work. And while these tasks are vital to the smooth running of your business, they don’t bring in any revenue and keep you from focusing on closing sales and growing your business. To help you stay on top of your priorities, you should consider hiring a qualified real estate virtual assistant. 

What Does a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

Real estate VAs provide agents and brokers with administrative, technical, and creative support from a remote location so that the latter can focus on their core priorities. Pretty much any task related to running a real estate business that can be done offsite could be delegated to a real estate VA.  

These tasks include basic bookkeeping, property research, website management, digital marketing, scheduling appointments, and open houses, and so much more. 

While you could hire a personal assistant to work in your office and handle your team’s requests, there are numerous benefits to hiring virtual professionals instead.  

Advantages of Hiring Real Estate Virtual Assistants

1. Save on salaries and overheads 

Unlike in-house personal assistants, virtual assistants typically charge per task or by the hour, helping you save a lot of money on salary and overhead costs. You won’t have to shoulder the cost of your VA’s office equipment and supplies, or any employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits.  

What’s more, if you hire a real estate VA from a country with cheaper labor costs, you’ll end up paying less than you would a local personal assistant without compromising on the quality of the work being done.  

2. Increase business productivity 

As already mentioned, running a real estate business means you’ll have to shoulder a great deal of admin work. Whether it’s managing agreements and contracts, updating property databases and contact lists, or scheduling meetings with buyers and sellers, these secondary tasks will keep you from fulfilling your core responsibilities.   

It goes without saying that hiring a remote executive assistant to efficiently manage these secondary tasks will help you stay on top of your main objectives, whether it’s nurturing leads, closing sales, or managing open houses. 

3. Boost sales conversion 

Hiring a real estate VA with experience in both online and traditional lead generation methods will end up paying for itself. A virtual assistant who is proficient in social media and content marketing can effectively nurture leads, greatly improving the chances of converting them into clients.  

A highly experienced virtual assistant can also periodically touch base with your leads without appearing to hard sell. Your VA could email or call specific leads, updating them on developments in pricing, market developments, and other valuable information. These touch-points are all tailored to push your leads further down the sales funnel. 

4. Improve your work-life balance   

Realtors typically work long hours. Coupled with extensive admin work, their health and personal relationships will suffer unless they’re willing to delegate non-core tasks to trusted assistants.  

Remote real estate executive assistants can efficiently handle all of the repetitive and routine tasks, helping agents and brokers carve out more time for their personal lives and achieve a stronger work-life balance



8 Tasks to Outsource to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

  1. Managing calendars and setting appointments 
  2. Performing real estate research  
  3. Performing administrative tasks  
  4. Managing your social media accounts 
  5. Managing other digital marketing campaigns  
  6. Handling your expense management and bookkeeping 
  7. Cold calling potential buyers and sellers 
  8. Handling remote event and conference management  

1. Managing calendars and setting appointments

Real estate agents and brokers have schedules packed with meetings with prospective buyers and sellers, as well as other agents. They also need to schedule open houses, reschedule canceled or postponed meetings and open houses, as well as hold seminars and webinars.  

Managing such complicated work schedules can be very time-consuming. To top it all off, agents and brokers also need to balance their professional commitments with their personal ones. An experienced real estate VA can proactively manage the logistics of their clients’ lives weeks in advance, reflecting everything in their calendars so they can stay on top of their commitments. 

2. Performing real estate research 

Having access to updated data is vital to success in the real estate business. However, performing research is time-consuming and will divert you from more pressing obligations. A real estate virtual assistant can furnish you with accurate and targeted reports, ensuring that you stay on top of local and regional market activity, current lending rates, and practices, as well as industry news. 

Your remote personal assistant could also perform the following tasks:  

  • Periodic competitor analysis 
  • Finding property details such as location, features, and amenities 
  • Tracking price points for various locations
  • Identifying properties with upside potential
  • Researching active, pending, and sold listings 


3. Performing administrative tasks

Performing an array of administrative tasks is vital to the smooth running of your business. But since these are secondary rather than primary tasks, it would be prudent to outsource them to remote personal assistants.

Some of the admin tasks your remote VA could manage for you include: 

  • Managing your email inbox 
  • Updating your contact lists 
  • Responding to real estate inquiries via chat, social media, telephone, or email
  • Drafting letters and emails
  • Managing physical and digital agreements and contracts
  • Assisting with the completion and filing of real estate documents, agreements, and records with the appropriate state agencies
  • Taking notes
  • Creating Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations
  • Helping manage your real estate CRM software 
  • Helping manage your website 
  • Managing your documents and folders
  • Data entry
  • Spreadsheet creation and management
  • Listing management 
  • Printing and delivering documents 


4. Managing your social media accounts 

While many home buyers and sellers still rely on real estate agents and brokers to help them buy or sell their homes, the Internet and social media are being increasingly utilized in the process.  

In fact, according to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 44% of recent buyers began their search for a new home online. To boost your chances of capturing new clients, you’ll need to maintain a dynamic social media presence as part of your overall real estate marketing strategy.  

Your remote personal assistant can set up and manage your social media accounts on all the major sites: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.  

They can also perform the following tasks: 

  • Crop, edit, and resize property photos for your accounts 
  • Research and add appropriate hashtags 
  • Respond to inquiries and comments, as well as moderate comments 
  • Create social media calendars and schedule posts in advance
  • Leverage analytics to identify optimum posting schedules
  • Forward social media leads to your team 

5. Managing other digital marketing campaigns  

Your virtual assistant can also manage your other real estate digital marketing campaigns, including: 

  • Writing and scheduling the publishing of blog posts on your website’s blog 
  • Updating the copy on your official website (including the service pages, landing pages, and about us pages) 
  • Writing press releases and announcements and forwarding them to the appropriate media outlets 
  • Managing your email marketing campaigns 
  • Managing your website and social media analytics 
  • Managing your newsletter campaigns  
  • Managing your PPC campaigns 

6. Handling your expense management and bookkeeping  

Keeping track of your ongoing expenses and income is vital to the success of your business. Failure to do so would make it difficult for you to ascertain your current financial performance, which would prevent your business from growing.    

To stay focused on your key priorities, consider outsourcing your expense management, basic bookkeeping, payroll, and other accounting tasks to your real estate virtual assistant. This way, you can stay focused on closing more clients and growing your business. 

7. Cold calling potential buyers and sellers 

Cold calling remains an effective outbound marketing strategy that will help you network with more potential buyers and sellers. You could outsource this task to your remote personal assistant. Just hand them the pre-prepared cold calling script, market research, and other relevant information and watch your pipeline fill up with qualified leads. 

8. Handling remote event and conference management 

Your real estate remote assistant can also handle all of your event and conference management needs, regardless of whether they’re physical or virtual events.

The tasks they can perform include:  

  • Sending out email invites to potential attendees 
  • Setting up scheduled Zoom or Google Hangout meetings for virtual events 
  • Sourcing and managing vendors 
  • Sourcing and managing venues and conference rooms 
  • Managing budgets 
  • Overall logistics management 


Stay focused on growing your business by hiring a real estate virtual assistant from Sigrid.AI

The aforementioned list of tasks is by no means exhaustive and should serve as a general guide on how a qualified real estate VA can support your business processes. As long as the requested task is legal and can be managed remotely, our team of highly experienced executive assistants and specialists will be more than glad to assist you. 

By outsourcing the bulk of your admin and other secondary tasks to your Sigrid.AI real estate virtual assistant, you’ll be able to free up more time in your scheduletime which you can use to maximize your business growth or bond with your loved ones.  

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