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Maintain Accurate Transaction Records with Your Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant

Pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams as a solopreneur or small business owner comes with many responsibilities. Aside from managing daily operations, customer relations, and growth strategies, you’ll also need to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records.

The complexities of bookkeeping can easily overwhelm even the most organized minds, leading to potential errors, missed opportunities, and headaches during tax season. Fortunately, you can delegate your bookkeeping responsibilities to an experienced virtual bookkeeping assistant.

Doing so will allow you to stay focused on running your business while also keeping your transaction records updated. These transaction records can be used to generate accurate financial reports that help measure business performance. Updated transaction records are also essential to avoiding compliance issues during tax audits.

Table of Contents

What Is a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant? 

What Software & Tools Do Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants Use? 

What Tasks Can Be Delegated to Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants?

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant

Maintain Accurate Transaction Records with Your Sigrid Bookkeeping VA

What is a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant?

Also known as a bookkeeping virtual assistant (VA), a virtual bookkeeping assistant is a seasoned professional who offers remote bookkeeping services, working collaboratively with business owners and professionals to manage their financial records efficiently. 

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, business owners and professionals can leverage the expertise of virtual bookkeepers located anywhere in the world. Aside from helping you manage your financial records, your bookkeeping VA can also manage your daily transactions and accounting tasks using online and cloud-based communication tools and software. 

When considering the services of different virtual bookkeeping assistants, certain qualities and qualifications should be on your radar. Look for professionals with a strong background in accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll; familiarity with bookkeeping and accounting software; strong communication skills; and a solid reputation for trustworthiness. These traits ensure seamless collaboration and error-free financial management.

Remote bookkeeping services is one of our specialties here at Sigrid. Your dedicated Sigrid Virtual Assistant will be assisted by our professional bookkeepers. Together, they’ll establish solid bookkeeping practices so you can focus on scaling your business. 


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What Software & Tools Do Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants Use?

Bookkeeping VAs leverage cutting-edge software and tools to streamline their operations and provide their clients with accurate insights. They are well-versed in utilizing platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, and other industry-standard applications.

These tools empower them to handle intricate tasks, from reconciling credit card and bank statements to preparing invoices and tracking receivables. By harnessing the power of technology, virtual bookkeeping assistants bring unparalleled efficiency to your financial processes.

What Tasks Can Be Delegated to Virtual Bookkeeping Assistants?

Preparing General Ledgers

Virtual bookkeepers organize and maintain your general ledgers, ensuring a clear snapshot of your financial transactions.

Reconciling Bank and Credit Card Statements

Say goodbye to the headache of reconciling statements; your remote bookkeeping assistant will ensure that your records match your financial institution's data.

Preparing Invoices

Virtual bookkeepers create and send invoices to clients promptly, maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Mailing Documents and Invoices

Virtual bookkeepers take care of sending crucial documents and invoices to your customers, enhancing your professionalism.

Following Up with Customers

With your bookkeeping VA managing your payment reminders and customer communications, you won’t have to deal with the stress of chasing down overdue payments yourself. 

Interpreting Financial Statements

Your online bookkeeping assistant will help you understand the numbers that drive your business by accurately interpreting your financial statements. 

Maintaining Financial Data

Your chosen software application is a treasure trove of organized financial data, thanks to the meticulous data entry by your virtual bookkeeper.

Entering Payables and Receivable

Your online bookkeeping assistant will handle the recording of payables and receivables, ensuring that you never lose track of critical financial transactions.

Sales Tax Reporting

Stay compliant by having your virtual bookkeeper handle sales tax reporting and submission, alleviating a significant regulatory burden.

Dealing with Delinquent Accounts

Your VA will skillfully tackle delinquent or bad accounts, preserving your financial stability.

Year-End Document Completion

With an eagle eye, your virtual bookkeeper ensures that all documents are completed and organized before year-end, smoothing the tax preparation process.

Balance Sheets and P&L Accounts

They prepare accurate balance sheets and profit and loss (P&L) accounts that offer a comprehensive view of your financial health.

Timely Bill Payments

Never miss a payment deadline again, as your virtual bookkeeping assistant ensures that your bills are paid on time, preventing penalties and preserving vendor relationships.


Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant

Enhanced Security and Data Privacy

Entrusting your financial data to a human virtual bookkeeping assistant ensures the highest levels of security and data privacy. With robust encryption protocols and secure communication channels, your sensitive information remains protected.

Error-Free Financial Records

The meticulous attention to detail exhibited by virtual bookkeepers minimizes the chances of errors in your financial records. This accuracy is crucial for making informed business decisions and ensuring compliance.

Time and Cost Savings

By outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks, you free up valuable time that can be directed toward growing your business. Additionally, the cost of hiring a virtual bookkeeping assistant is often more economical than employing a full-time, in-house bookkeeper.

Expert Insights for Better Decisions

Virtual bookkeeping assistants provide valuable insights into your financial health, helping you make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Focus on Core Competencies

With bookkeeping responsibilities off your plate, you can focus on your core competencies, whether it's product development, customer service, or strategic planning. With less secondary and admin tasks on your plate, you can also enjoy greater work-life balance. 


As your business evolves, your virtual bookkeeping assistant adapts to your changing needs, ensuring seamless financial management regardless of growth spurts or market fluctuations.


Maintain Accurate Transaction Records with Your Sigrid Bookkeeping VA 

As a business grows and becomes more complex, effective bookkeeping becomes even more vital. Accurate bookkeeping provides a clear picture of your business's financial health—allowing you to track income, expenses, and cash flow, as well as helping you make informed decisions about investments, expansions, and cost-cutting measures.

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day and you cannot afford to spend too much time recording your daily financial transactions. By delegating your bookkeeping tasks to a reputable virtual bookkeeping service, like Sigrid, you can focus on growing your business and helping it stay profitable.

Bookkeeping isn’t the only service we offer at Sigrid. Our highly skilled and experienced Virtual Assistants can also handle these tasks:

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