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How Your Executive Assistant Can Free Up Your Schedule

The time reads 2:57 in the afternoon and the board meeting is coming to a close. Executive A’s luggage waits just outside the door, ready to be loaded into the car that’s scheduled to take her to the airport for a 4PM flight to Germany. Her phone pings with a message from her executive assistant (EA)—the driver is arriving in three minutes. Her associate, Executive B, sits opposite her and will be catching the same flight for an international conference.

Though physically present, Executive B's thoughts are not only on her afternoon flight but the many other tasks she needs to see to once she lands. Her shoulders are tense. She sifts through her travel documents, boarding passes, and hotel bookings to check if she has everything she needs.

When the meeting adjourns, Executive A makes her way to the building’s entrance, confident that all of her travel documents are in order. Executive B learns that the driver she just booked is stuck in traffic and won’t arrive in time for her to check-in before her flight.

Spot the differences. Executive A’s day has been planned by her executive assistant from start to finish, allowing her to move from one appointment to another without so much as a hiccup. Executive B has to navigate through hers, prioritize task by task, and improvise on her own when challenges arise. At the board meeting, Executive A was able to participate; Executive B was distracted.

Life is unpredictable—your schedule doesn't have to be. This brings up the question: how can an EA free up your schedule so you can focus on what matters the most?

Your EA Understands Your Priorities

Once your EA becomes part of your team, they get to know your goals, interests, and tasks. Your EA is not only an assistant but a partner when it comes to planning your day. When Executive A's plane touches down in Frankfurt, her EA has already made sure that the car to the hotel is in the airport waiting. You don't need to worry about your schedule and instead focus your energies on crossing out the next To Do on your list.

When your EA manages your calendar, it doesn't just stop at coordinating meetings or reminding you of the dates that matter—anniversaries, family gatherings, or that one event you promised your son or daughter you'd attend. Your EA's priority is making sure you focus on your priorities. It means anticipating your needs and addressing any roadblocks so you can move through your day without missing a beat.

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The Different Strategies to Organize Your Day

No two Executives are the same. You might prefer completing all tasks in one day with only 5-minute breaks in between. Or perhaps, you’re the type to spend your mornings going through all the necessary tasks, leaving your afternoon free to read up on what’s new in the industry as you evaluate your company’s strategy. Because your EA knows your preferences and what works best for you, your calendar is tailor-fit to your needs.

This also means that your EA knows when not to share what’s on your schedule. If you have a private dinner with your family and wish to stay undisturbed for the next few hours, your EA can forestall any calls and cascade them to you later.

Your EA can also initiate calendar bookings and handle appointments and the paperwork that accompanies these: need your visa renewed? Got it. Upcoming check-up with the family doctor? It's already in your calendar.

Running a business is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of things to do, some of them more important than the rest. Your EA can free up your schedule so that you can focus on things that truly matter—not only in your business but also in your personal life as well.

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