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Manage Your Calendar Efficiently with a Virtual Scheduling Assistant

Scheduling appointments and managing calendars may seem like simple tasks, but they can be very time-consuming for busy executives, professionals, and business owners. Fortunately, you can free up your valuable time and boost your productivity by hiring a virtual scheduling assistant. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of hiring a virtual scheduling assistant and how they can help you stay organized and focused on your most important projects.

Table of Content

What is a Virtual Scheduling Assistant?

What Tools & Software Do Virtual Schedulers Use? 

How Do Virtual Scheduling Assistants Differ from AI Scheduling Assistants? 

What Tasks Can Be Assigned to Virtual Scheduling Assistants? 

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Scheduling Assistant?

Optimize Your Calendar & Appointments With Sigrid

What is a Virtual Scheduling Assistant?

Also known as a virtual scheduler, a virtual scheduling assistant is a remote professional who specializes in managing schedules, appointments, and calendars for busy individuals. They work remotely and handle all the administrative tasks related to scheduling. 

Delegating scheduling and calendar management tasks to these professionals allows you to focus on the more critical aspects of your work. By leveraging their expertise, you can delegate time-consuming scheduling tasks and gain back control of your time.

Calendar management and scheduling is one of our specialities here at Sigrid. Your Sigrid Virtual Scheduling Assistant will proactively schedule your meetings and organize your calendar so you can focus on your main goals and achieve higher levels of productivity.

What Tools & Software Do Virtual Schedulers Use? 

Virtual scheduling assistants utilize various tools to efficiently manage schedules, appointments, and calendars. These tools include:

  • Calendar management software like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, and other cloud-based calendar platforms. These tools allow virtual schedulers to create, edit, and share calendars, as well as schedule events and send out invitations.

  • Scheduling apps and platforms like Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, and Doodle. These apps and platforms allow virtual schedulers to streamline the process of setting up appointments and meetings.

  • Communication tools like email platforms (e.g. Gmail or Outlook), instant messaging apps (e.g. Slack or Microsoft Teams), and video conferencing tools (e.g. Zoom or Google Meet) for virtual meetings.

  • Task management tools like Trello, Asana, and Todoist. These tools allow virtual schedulers to create tasks, set due dates, assign responsibilities, and track progress.

  • Document collaboration tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, and Dropbox Paper. These tools allow virtual schedulers to share meeting notes, action items, and daily briefs with all stakeholders. 

  • Time zone converters like World Clock Meeting Planner and Every Time Zone. Virtual schedulers use these tools to efficiently convert time zones and ensure that all participants can participate in the meeting during business hours. 

Project management software like Basecamp, Asana, and In situations where virtual schedulers are involved in larger projects or teams, they may utilize project management software to track project timelines, assign tasks, and collaborate with team members effectively.

How Do Virtual Scheduling Assistants Differ from AI Scheduling Assistants?

While both virtual scheduling assistants and AI scheduling assistants can manage your calendar, there are some key differences. A virtual scheduling assistant is a human professional who can understand context, make judgment calls, and adapt to your specific needs. 

A virtual scheduling assistant can communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and partners, ensuring a personal touch in your scheduling interactions. In contrast, an AI scheduling assistant relies on artificial intelligence algorithms to automate scheduling tasks. 

While AI assistants can be helpful for basic scheduling, they may lack the flexibility and human touch required for more complex scheduling scenarios. These tools may also expose users to privacy risks and occasional glitches, causing users to miss meeting requests.


What Tasks Can Be Assigned to Virtual Scheduling Assistants?

A virtual assistant for scheduling can handle a wide range of tasks related to managing your schedule and appointments. Here are some examples:

Scheduling Personal & Work Appointments

Your virtual scheduling assistant can coordinate and schedule all your personal and professional appointments, ensuring your calendar remains organized and optimized. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment or a Zoom meeting with your overseas team, your virtual scheduler will coordinate everything flawlessly. 

Scheduling Virtual/Physical Meetings & Conference Calls

They can handle the logistics of setting up meetings, coordinating time zones, and sending out invitations. This makes it easier for you to connect with clients, team members, or partners.

Rescheduling & Following Up On Meetings & Conference Calls

If there's a need to reschedule or cancel a meeting, your virtual scheduling assistant can take care of all the necessary arrangements, ensuring everyone is informed and the new time slot is secured.

Sending Out Action Items & Daily Briefs

Your virtual scheduling assistant can distribute meeting notes, action items, and daily briefs to participants, ensuring everyone is on the same page and tasks are clearly defined.

Managing Calendars

They can maintain and update your calendar, making sure it reflects your availability accurately. They can also handle requests for time off or block specific slots for focused work, exercise, or personal time.

Reminders About Project Deadlines

Your virtual scheduling assistant can keep track of project deadlines and send you timely reminders, ensuring you stay on top of your commitments and deliverables.

Reminders About Important Dates & Events

They can also help you remember important dates and events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or industry conferences, ensuring you never miss an important occasion.

A virtual assistant

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Scheduling Assistant?


Time Savings

Effective delegation is a hallmark of great leadership and is the secret to making progress on complex projects. By delegating scheduling tasks to a virtual assistant, you free up significant amounts of time that can be better utilized for strategic thinking, project management, or client interactions.

Improved Productivity

With a virtual scheduling assistant handling your calendar and appointments, you can focus on your most critical tasks without distractions or the stress of managing a busy schedule.

Enhanced Organization

A virtual scheduling assistant brings order to your calendar, ensuring appointments and meetings are well-coordinated and optimized. This reduces the risk of double-bookings or missed appointments.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Virtual scheduling assistants are skilled at adjusting schedules, managing conflicts, and accommodating changes. They can handle unexpected situations, allowing you to maintain your productivity even when faced with shifting priorities.

Increased Professionalism

Your virtual scheduling assistant acts as a representative, interacting with clients, colleagues, and partners on your behalf. Their professional approach enhances your brand image and ensures smooth communication.


Optimize Your Calendar & Appointments With Sigrid 

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or corporate leader, managing your work calendar and meetings can seem like a full-time job. In order to make progress on your most important goals, you cannot afford to spend hours each week refining your calendar or emailing stakeholders back and forth to confirm meetings.

Fortunately, you can delegate these tasks to your dedicated Sigrid Virtual Scheduling Assistant. By choosing to partner with us, you can clear your agenda of any distractions and focus on the goals that really matter. You can also enjoy other business benefits, like reduced overhead expenses and acquiring specialized skills as needed. 

Many businesses have benefited immensely from the structured support they receive from Sigrid. Case in point is LCR Capital Partners, a Connecticut-based private investment and advisory services firm. 

Our team was able to manage the calendar and scheduling of LCR Capital Partners’ senior executives—taking into account the different time zones, schedules, and communication styles of each executive. Thanks to our highly structured support, these executives were able to claim back hundreds of work hours each month. These reclaimed hours were used to run their international operations and focus on more revenue-generating activities. 

Need support with other tasks? Our Virtual Assistants and Specialist can offer support in other areas:

  • Remote Event Management
  • Project Management
  • Remote Property Management 
  • IT Support
  • Service Procurement
  • Expense Management
  • Specialized Research
  • Human Resources
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Social Media Management
  • Document Management 
  • Child & Family Logistics 
  • …. and much more.

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