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Should you hire a remote executive assistant?


Hiring a remote executive assistant to support you can be the best thing for you, your business, and your family. But people naturally wonder if such a service is really the best fit for them. Read on to learn about the most common concerns about hiring and working with a Virtual Assistant raised by our clients and the steps we have taken to alleviate these concerns at Sigrid.

1. Is the quality of the service good enough?

We’re obsessed with providing our clients with the best service possible! Here are the steps we’ve taken to make sure you’ll feel it on the other end:
  • You'll work with top talent. We only hire the top 1% of candidates. We spend a great deal of time recruiting and testing the right people, training them extensively, and giving them all the resources they'll need to offer world-class care. This commitment to excellence has enabled us to build a professionally managed distributed team.
  • All our EAs and specialists are full-time, salaried staff with excellent working English. (Kaplan rating: Advanced/Highly Proficient). We also give all applicants psychometric tests (some approved by NASA).
  • All our EAs receive weekly in-house training and are supported by a quality control manager and a professional management team. 
  • Nothing gets lost in the delegation. We built our AI-powered collaboration platform, MySigrid, with our clients and executive assistants in mind. MySigrid helps the team solve problems and complete tasks collectively, saving them more time individually. MySigrid has a Communications Module where all the communication between our EAs and the clients are centralized. Meanwhile, all requests from the clients are converted into tasks in the Task Management Module. These tasks are managed by the primary EAs but may be delegated to our specialists who have expertise in that specific task. In short, we harness the knowledge and brainpower of our entire organization to give you the best service possible.
  • We built a mobile to-do list app for our clients (a web app is currently being developed). You can use this app to delegate tasks to our remote team. You can also use email/Skype/chat or WhatsApp to communicate with your dedicated EA, and it all still ends up in one place All of your requests will be noted and delegated efficiently.

2. What happens when my dedicated assistant quits or goes on leave?

Even if your dedicated assistant quits or goes on leave, we will still offer you seamless continuity. How? Another hallmark of our service is the Knowledge Base/Client Fact Book Module in MySigrid. This module enables us to provide our clients with an uninterrupted service that never waivers in quality.
Our EAs use the Client Fact Book to capture all the information they’ve gathered about a client (including their unique preferences and task history). As a result, even if the client’s primary EA goes on leave, another EA can step in and provide the same level of service with the same attention to detail. 

3. Will I have the right chemistry with my remote executive assistant?

We’ll do our utmost to pair you with the right dedicated assistant. How?
You’ll meet your dedicated assistant before you start working with us. What’s more, your dedicated assistant is hired, trained, managed, and vetted by us.
While chemistry isn’t something we can control, we’ll make sure to always provide excellent customer service and demonstrate empathy.

4. How can I safely share sensitive data (like passwords and credit card information) with my dedicated assistant?

We've made it a point to only work with clients that are willing to use online security vault software to exchange sensitive data with their dedicated EA. It’s the only way we’re willing to work with our clients to guarantee their security and peace of mind.
We rely on 1Password’s security management features to safeguard our clients and their sensitive information. The activity log feature creates an audit trail that accurately tracks all actions and changes within the account. We’re also immediately informed if there are security issues, such as password breaches.
We primarily use 1Password to securely manage our clients’ sensitive information and documents—including their passwords, credit cards, social security numbers, and passports. Whenever we onboard a new client, we set up a number of vaults where the client’s sensitive information and documents are organized and stored. Both the client and their executive assistant have access to these vaults. 
A vault can be dedicated to a specific area of work, such as travel management. Here, the client’s passport details, visa, and other travel-related documents and data can be securely stored. The client can access these password-protected vaults on all of their devices. Moreover, clients can maintain private vaults that only they can access and shared vaults for goals they want their EA to manage.  

5. Do I have enough tasks to delegate to keep my dedicated assistant busy?

We provide a work-life service to busy individualswhich makes a lot of sense because of the way we live and work today. Our clients’ typical daily to-do list is a combination of business and private/family-related matters. This means our assistants need to act as both executive assistants (EAs) and personal assistants (PAs).
Our subscription pricing model enables us to offer our services to a broader clientele. If you don’t need to hire a full-time executive assistant, you can opt to hire a fraction of an EA, corresponding to a part-time employee. This means our team also services other clients, so you don't have to stress about keeping them busy. So, if for a month or two business is slow, we still keep your dedicated EA busy helping our team service other clients.
We worry about retention so you don’t have to. We built this service to help you free up more headspace, giving you the freedom to focus on the things that really matter most to you.
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